We Ring True

At Mississippi State University, we are a world-class research university. We think inclusively and beyond the boundaries, encouraging boldness, imagination and creativity to enable our students an opportunity to discover solutions to problems that face our world.

An Overview

Launching the Brand

The Mississippi State brand is the continuous drive to make a difference. We think beyond what’s possible today and deliver results based on a vision for the future.

We lead the way. We discover solutions. We ignite the future.
We Ring True.

MSU is a place where the extraordinary happens every day – where people are hard at work making groundbreaking discoveries and developing real-world solutions that have local, national and even global implications.

By launching this new MSU brand, we embrace the university’s drive to make a difference. Our messaging will reflect this inherent drive we have to be the best, to solve the issue, to shine a light on the future. But this notion of DRIVEN is going to pervade all aspects of our operations. DRIVEN is how we conduct our business. DRIVEN is who we are.

Through the declaration “We Ring True,” we’ll demonstrate how we are DRIVEN to make a difference. We’ll convey our sense of purpose when it comes to the educational needs of students for years to come—that we are not just along for the ride – we are in the driver’s seat.

Mississippi State. We Ring True.

How to Use "We Ring True"

“We Ring True” is the university’s brand tagline. This tagline is used to illustrate MSU’s continuous drive to make a difference. As each university entity holds specific and unique goals, we encourage you to talk about how you and your teams ring true on behalf of the university as a whole; when you do, make sure not to weaken or confuse the impact of “We Ring True.” Please use the following guidelines as a reference:

“We Ring True” is a complete phrase. When used, do not alter it, add, or subtract from it. The entire “We Ring True” phrase is a single, indivisible conceptual unit; we never ring alone and nothing is true by itself.

When the brand tagline appears naturally in copy — either as part of a sentence or as an imperative sentence — it should be written in sentence case:

At Mississippi State, we ring true.
When the brand tagline appears as a stand-alone headline or alongside the Mississippi State logo, it should be written in title case without a closing period:

We Ring True

The social media hashtag, #WeRingTrue, uses capitalization to ensure the words within are legible.