Mississippi State made history when we launched a comprehensive branding strategy to reinforce our standing as a leading research university.

Through the declaration “We Ring True,” we are demonstrating how we're driven to make a difference, not only in the community and state but also on national and global stages. Our brand reflects an inherent drive to be the best, to find the solution, to shine a light on the future. It presents a strong, unified identity through the sharing of diverse insights and experiences.

As a member of the MSU family, your story matters. You play a pivotal role in making sure the world knows who we are and what we're doing at Mississippi State.

It's true that an effective brand relies on consistency and uniformity, but it's also powered by individuality and creativity. To be successful, we need rules as well as flexibility. Following a set of communications guidelines will increase the overall impact of our branding initiative, and your unique story and voice will bring the brand to life.

The Web Toolbox contains guidelines for communicating our messages in ways that build and reinforce our brand. It provides the tools we need to tell our stories with knowledge and confidence while respecting the unique insights we bring to the MSU experience. By using the Web Toolbox, we can ensure that every communication is steeped in our brand and crafted for delivery to specific target audiences, both within the MSU family and outside of it.

Through a myriad of channels, including an aggressive strategy that leverages social and traditional media, we will raise awareness of our accomplishments and aspirations to a level that positions Mississippi State as one of the nation’s leading universities. Your voices have the power to carry our messages forward, redoubling the impact of MSU's brand strategy.

In today’s competitive world, when we talk about a brand, we're not just talking about a logo or a color palette. It’s much bigger than that. It’s an attitude. It’s a perspective. It’s a collective understanding. It's a set of impressions that live in our heads — and in our hearts.

As a member of the MSU family, your insights and experiences are part of our story, and what you're doing here matters. Please take time to become more familiar with the Web Toolbox. Learn how it can be used — by you and your fellow students, your departments and schools, your research and project teams, your campus organizations and community groups — to promote the many ways that we are driven to make a difference at Mississippi State.

Thank you!

Dr. Mark Keenum